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Starts March 7th, 2023

It’s time to balance your hormones, unlock the mystery of your headaches, and finally have a pain-free period.

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"A good update - I haven't needed to take a headache tablet for weeks so I'm pretty excited and this period - only ONE headache! It's all working well together :) VERY HAPPY!"

-Liz Deanna

The headaches tied to your cycle are THE WORST

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On one hand, headaches run in your family so you’ve kind of accepted it as the “way it is.”

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But on the other hand, you know you shouldn’t be in pain this often — especially around your period.

In fact, you’re not alone if you’ve ever felt that:

Each time you get your period, you’re hijacked by a force out of your control

Each month, like clockwork, the pain is so bad you can’t get out of bed — or if you can, you slog through the day counting down the minutes until you can go to bed

You’re tired of your doctor telling you to go on birth control to help your headaches (you know deep down taking synthetic hormones is just covering things up)

Your entire period is anxiety ridden. Those feelings of Irritability, moodiness, inability to work, take care of the kids or do the everyday stuff you need to do can't go on forever. You’re desperate to feel like yourself again!

You hate taking painkillers, but how else can you get through the day?

You’ve tried everything under the sun from birth control to PMS teas, but you’re still left feeling crippled every time you get your period

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But it’s not your fault.




NO ONE is talking about how to beat hormonal headaches

(even though they plague 25.5% of women! Source: CDC).

And to OVERCOME hormonal headaches you need a specific plan — because if you don’t destroy them at the roots they never go away (and often get worse with time).

You need to:

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Optimize your nutrient absorption long before your period starts

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Balance the 6 core hormones that cause massive fluctuations and are responsible for hormonal headaches AND menstrual migraine

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Identify the nutrition patterns that your head hates.


And when you can do all the above, that’s when you can:

  • Have peace of mind dropping everything to go out to dinner on a Friday night (after a busy week!) without worrying the bright fluorescent lights and Sarah’s high-pitched laughter will trigger an episode

  • Wake up feeling more energetic and ready to tackle the day regardless of being on day 1 of your period!

  • STOP debating whether you should have another bag of Pirates Booty aged white cheddar puffs because they might be making your head worse - Instead, know exactly which foods to eat more of so that you can still grab two more finger-fulls without guilt

  • Have a pain-free period and *gasp* and no longer need to take meds each cycle!?
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Sound like dream?

Well, these dreams become your new reality inside Headaches Handled!

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"I had no idea that food could make a difference for headaches. My doctors told me meds were my only option to control the pain. Changing my diet wasn't nearly as difficult as I made it out to be in my head. We're only a few weeks in and it's already been 13 days in a row headache free!! This is miracle life!"

- Jess Smith

Susannah Juteau

MSc, Registered Dietitian

Before I tell you more about this

period-changing program,

let me give you a little backstory on how I got rid of hormonal headaches.

For over 5 years after my brain surgery, I dealt with headaches every single day.

When I got my period, the level 3 (out of 5) headaches would become fierce and would build to 5.

My vision would get blurry, I’d get dizzy, feel nauseous, and had no option other than to lie down in the fetal position on my bed with the curtains drawn, the air conditioning on full blast.

I’d stay in there like the vampire I was until the pain would eventually subside back down to the 3 level.

I didn’t know it then.

But in hindsight, I was dealing with Menstrual Migraine (+ chronic headaches).

Years later, as I was using nutrition to overcome my headaches, those clockwork “monsters” that came on with day 1 of my period were the last to leave.

Addressing food sensitivities, gut health, micronutrients, and taking the right supplements for me, were the trick to helping the daily headaches stay away.

But the menstrual migraine attacks and the other clearly hormonal headaches (hello stressful days!) needed a different approach.

So, I used my research skills gained from my undergrad in Neuroscience and my Master’s Degree in Nutrition to dive deep into studying hormones from a holistic view, and I realized this knowledge — and the exact steps to take to overcome menstrual migraine — is something that’s been absent in our headache community.

So, I wanted to share this knowledge with you so you can balance your hormones, unlock the mystery of your headaches, and finally have a pain-free period.

I hope you join me on this journey.

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Get the ‘Hormonal Headaches Handled’ course for almost half price by becoming a founding member!

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With Hormonal Headaches Handled, you get:

$297 value

A FULL Carefree Cycle Strategy to know which foods to ADD to your diet in order to balance your hormones. Never worry about what foods to eat again

$245 value

A step-by-step framework that is clear, concise, and can be adapted to YOU

$47 value

The Carefree Cycle Strategy workbook (I’ve done all the note-taking for you)

$350 value

Quick video lessons delivered each week for 6 weeks (we start March 7th) so you aren’t bombarded with info but instead given the most essential information

Plus, because this is the first time I’m offering this course, and to make the Founders Express extra special, I’m including these limited-time bonuses:

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The Carefree Cycle Circle: A community off Facebook (and on the same platform as the course!) so you can ask me, Susannah, questions for the 6 weeks of the course so you’re never left feeling confused again



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Lifetime access so you can get all of the valuable course updates without paying more

$1000 value

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Total value: [$2,239.00]

Regular price: $547

Today’s special sale price: $347

This Founders pricing expires March 6th at 11:59 pm Eastern Time.

“I did have a migraine on Thanksgiving but I went 6 weeks without one so I’m happy. I ended up staying up really late two nights in a row, so that was why.”

- Stephanie R

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What is the breakdown of the course?



Module 1: Prepare

During this module we’ll lay the foundation for the program so you get the most out of each of each module and prepare for your headache-free period.


Module 2: Nourish

Understand what you need to eat — and when — so you can maximize absorption of the right nutrients and make sure you’re getting the right daily intake your hormones need.


Module 3: The Language of Your Cycles

Discover the essential role of metabolic hormones and how they function in women (knowledge is power!).

Then we’ll dive into how to eat differently depending on where you’re at in your cycle (Yes, you should be eating differently depending on what week it is!).


Module 4: Balancing the 6 Core Hormones

Uncover what the 6 Core Hormones are that interact and link to your headaches (and other period symptoms like cramps, anxiety, bloating, etc).

Then you’ll get specific steps to follow each week using the Carefree Cycle Strategy so you can balance your hormones (and start living your pain-free life).


Module 5: Cycle Sense Eating

There are times of the month that you want to have more balance and structure and other times that you can be more lenient. Follow your cycle so you can see profound results and feel so much better all month long!


Module 6: Skip the Survival Mode

No need to soldier through the day when your hormones are working in harmony, you won’t just look better — you’ll also feel better.

This module covers the aspects of lifestyle to pay attention to that has less to do with nutrition but everything to do with hormone balancing.

With Hormonal Headaches Handled you’ll…

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Gain a personalized ‘Carefree Cycle Strategy’ so you never wonder what to eat in order to balance your hormones again

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Unlock the mystery of your headaches so that you can happily slurp your spaghetti with the family instead of lying down in a dark room

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Finally have a pain-free period and enjoy ALL 4 weeks a month (you’ll get a whole week back to yourself!)

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Working with Susannah has transformed my life.

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"Though I had a fairly clean diet, I just couldn't seem to feel consistently better. Working with Susannah has transformed my life. I've been able to increase my activity level significantly and I feel more energized during the day... My sleep is better. And I'm confident that I am getting all the nutrients that I need. My digestion is now normal. Susannah's advice has allowed me to experience more freedom in my life. I feel healthy and vibrant and trust that I have established a habit that will enable me to live a healthy and active life for many years to come!"

-Nancy B

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“Got questions?

I’ve got answers!”

What does the course entail?

One module will be released each week for 6 weeks. You should expect a time commitment of approximately 30-45 minutes a week to go through the video lessons and supporting tools. It is advance at your own pace however, and you have long-term access to the course if you want to take longer to go through the modules or would like to revisit subjects. It is a commitment but this is the best way to see results.

Will I have to cut out foods or follow an elimination diet?

My guess is you’ve already tried that, felt miserable and likely didn’t see results anyways. This course is focused on building up the gut and ADDING in foods, not removing them. There will be mention of a few foods to watch out for and eat less of but there is no food completely off limits.

Do you give any support in this course?

Yes, the online community is where you can ask questions at any time to get support from other group members. I will also personally answer as many questions as I can on Fridays (and often on other days of the week too!).

Is there a refund policy?

There is a 15-day trial period where you can ask for a full refund. Due to this being the founders round of the course and because of the digital nature of the course, there will be no refunds after 15 days. This course is right for you if you already know hormones play a large role in your headaches and you’re frustrated with the ‘Western Medicine’ approach of care you’ve had so far. You are looking for holistic solutions and you are not looking to “dabble” in multiple courses without giving the strategies time to properly work.

I have a healthy diet already - will this course be too basic for me?

No, in fact, you may benefit the most of all! A healthy diet is not the same as a headache-free diet and yet people who eat really well often feel they don’t need help with their food intake. And I can tell you without a doubt that you cannot achieve true health without achieving hormonal health and balance. I can help you do just that, using science that honors your body. What does that mean, exactly? When your diet and lifestyle support your hormones, your hormones will support you.

My doctor doesn’t believe this will make a difference.

If you go to a conventional doctor for treatment of symptoms of hormone imbalance, you will likely receive a prescription for a pill. The doctor may try to tell you that lifestyle changes aren’t enough. But that’s not what I’ve found. Lifestyle choices, starting with food, play a huge role in hormonal balance, and by extension, your total health.

Is this course helpful and safe if you are breastfeeding?

Yes, it is supportive for you and for your baby. You will want to run any changes you make by your doctor to make sure though since the course isn’t designed for breastfeeding mothers. Supplements are not required to do this course, but some are suggested. You will want to run any new supplements by your doctor before taking.

How is the course delivered? On Zoom or through email?

The course is in a portal where all of the videos, tools and helpful resources will be hosted. This is the same place you can ask questions and connect with others.

How fast will I get results?

Everyone is different. Many will notice a significant difference in period pain and headache reduction within 4 weeks while for others it can take 3-6 months for hormones to adjust and balance out.

I live in another country. Can I sign up for this course?

Yes! Hormonal Headaches Handled is available and accessible to everyone in all countries! Everything is recorded so you can live on any time zone.

I’m in menopause, will this course work for me?

No, this course does not focus on hormone balancing in menopause. The strategies are completely different once in menopause. I hope to create a course for you soon though!

I have PCOS, Hashimotos, Diabetes, or other conditions.

This course focuses on the 6 main hormones that play a role in headaches. There are over 50 hormones in the human body so we can’t address them all, nor can we address all of the possible conditions. If you feel hormonal headaches are part of the puzzle that you would like to address, then this course is for you! Always consult your doctor before starting any new course. You can email specific questions to info@headachenutritionist.com

I deal with chronic headaches, will this course make me headache-free?

Hormones are likely just a part of the overall puzzle of what is contributing to your chronic headaches. It is a very essential puzzle piece however and a great place to target.

Can you do this course while on birth control?

Yes absolutely. Women are often on birth control to manage symptoms of hormone imbalance. In this course you’ll learn how to balance your hormones naturally so that you can then choose whether you’d like to continue with birth control moving forward.

Is this course going to help relieve hormone imbalance?

Yes! By the end of the 6 weeks you will begin to feel so much better and will better understand what’s happening in your body which’ll motivate you to keep going.

Do I have hormone issues that are beyond repair?

No! With a bit of detective work with specific quizzes to get your own personalized results, we will specifically address all of your challenges, from metabolism to gut health and create a beautiful harmony of healthy hormones.

"There’s so much crap on the internet. I don’t know what’s what.

I feel so much better just knowing I have a good source of information in you."


- Nicky Rainville

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You might be asking yourself:

“But why now? Why is this important today?”

Aside from this sale disappearing in just a few days (😉), you’ll want to jump on this today for a few reasons:

Holistic courses such as these are few and far between. In fact, I’ve never heard of a course that focuses on both Headaches AND Hormones.

You keep telling yourself things will get better but every cycle the pain is back with a vengeance. Your period should not be something you dread every month.

This is the only founder’s round of this course EVER so the price will never be this low again (and you also will not get all the bonuses).

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